Develop your private brand without having to invest in large infrastructures and staff

Noritex helps you develop your private brand by increasing profitability, saving time and resources. Buy from a large product selection taking advantage of all the knowledge and experience of 40 years in the brand development world.

Get these benefits and more

High turnover of products

Buy less quantities per product and rotate merchandise faster

Stick to the latest market trends

Every quarter we launch new collections with latest trends and consumer behaviors

Increase your gains receiving credit

Interest-free financing from 60 to 90 days

Direct dispatches from the China or Panama

Use Panama or China as your warehouse to keep your stores stocked

High quality products with Quality Garanteed

We ensure the quality of the merchandise and offer full quality guarantees

Sellout support

Receive support in the sellout of merchandise at the point of sale

Distribution from Panama or China

Use Panama as your warehouse, to keep your stores stocked

Simplify the purchase

Buy from pre-filtered suppliers with high quality and in a digital and orderly way

Advice on your purchase

Receive advice on the purchase of your products

Positioning your private brand

We comply with your Brand guidelines in costs, design, and product labeling


Get product differentiation through a wide range of exclusive and competitive products.


Home Decor

Develop your home decor brand with us and get access to thousands of products with the latest trends and consumer behaviors

Our categories

  • Home Decor
  • Back to School
  • Activewear
  • Christmas Decor
  • Textile
  • Religious Figurines

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