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Di Angelo is a recognized international brand that for more than 25 years has been dedicated to the development and distribution of more than 800 different religious images in different finishes throughout Latin America.

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About Us

We are a recognized international brand dedicated to the development and distribution of religious images in various finishes and styles. We are proud to know that we are currently present in much of Latin America and the Caribbean. What we offer through our images is to strengthen your connection with God and help you express your faith. We adapt to your needs by creating a wide variety of models and designs for you, ranging from very artistic and classic to more modern and colorful figures. We have extensive experience combined with a clear understanding of the tradition and specifications of each saint and each virgin of Catholicism. This has made it possible for our images to be created under strict quality controls to ensure the beauty and special details of each piece, as we know the importance of them in the lives of our clients.

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