Merletto is an international brand dedicated to the distribution of school, office and craft products. Its commitment is to offer consumers innovative and functional products.

About our fairs

The Merletto International School Fairs are held twice throughout the year. In these you will find 1,000 products to supply your business with everything you need from school, crafts and office. At each Fair you will find special kits for the season.

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About us:

Merletto our brand developed in Noritex that is internationally recognized. He has a history of 15 years and has a large portfolio of products in the school, office and craft areas. We always want to innovate and offer our users high quality products at a fair price.

That is why we have developed a wide assortment of school supplies that are available throughout the year. We also offer a range of office supplies that will make your job easier and increase your efficiency levels. On the other hand, our line of crafts will catch the attention of the little ones and will allow them to express their ideas, managing to create art with their imagination.

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Additional Information

How do I reserve my flight?

As a company we offer the necessary advice and support so that our clients have the best information available when deciding which airline to travel with.

In which hotel can I stay?

We have commercial alliances with exclusive hotels in Panama. Your seller will advise you with the best option according to your interests and you can choose a rate negotiated by Noritex.

How can I move?

We offer internal transfers for our clients with the following route: Airport - NTX / NTX - Airport and NTX - Hotels / Hotels - NTX * These transfers do not include a visit to Colón *

What to do during your stay in Panama?

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